School Medication Policy

1. Medications brought to school that do not meet the following requirements will not be given by school staff.

2. All prescription medications require a signed Medication Administration Request Form. These forms are available in the school office and on the school health/nurses website. Any non-prescription medications to be administered at school for more than 10 consecutive days require a Physician signature. Parents will have up to 48 hours to submit completed authorizations to the school.

3. Parents can sign a 10 day Medication form for a non-prescription medication and can sign a 48 hour Medication form for prescription medication. If a non-prescription medication needs to be given for more than 10 days a Medication Administration Request Form is needed. Also, if a prescription medication is needed for more than 2 days a Medication Administration Request Form is also needed. Medication Administration Request Forms can be faxed to a physician if the fax number is supplied to the school.

4. Medication to be given at school must be in the original container and must have:

A. Child’s full name on the container

B. Name of drug on the container

C. If the medication is a prescription drug:

1. Pharmacy name and phone number

2. Prescription number

3. Physician’s name

No medication is to be sent to school in baggies or envelopes.

5. A signed Medication Request Form from the parent/guardian must accompany the medication. A signed parent note can suffice for up to 48 hours but must include the child’s full name, date, time and days to be given and reasons for use.

6. Supplies of non-prescription medications (Tylenol, Advil, Midol, etc) will not be kept at school for occasional use by the student throughout the year unless a physician authorization is received.

7. All medication will be kept in a locked container or cabinet in the school office. Students must bring all medication to the office at the start of the school day and may not be kept in backpacks or lockers. The student will be supervised while taking the medication by designated school personnel at a time conforming to the indicated schedule on the Medication Administration Request Form. Self-administered medications are an exception to this and require specific consent.

8. A medication record will be kept for each student receiving medication at school with the exception of self-administered medications

9. Parents must notify the school when a drug is discontinued. A physician’s order is required for any prescription medication dose change. Verbal medication orders can only be taken by a registered nurse.

10. New Medication Administration Request Forms must be received at the start of each school year.

11. Parents are asked to pick up all medication on the last day of school. All medications will be disposed of ten days after the end of the school year.

12. All medications to be administered during the school hours are to be given through the office by trained school staff. The exception to this rule will be self-administered medication, which will be allowed with parental and physician consent.

13. Students are responsible to report for medication at the appropriate time. If the student does not show and the medication is not administered for three consecutive doses or three or more times in a two-week period, the parents will be notified. Students are to report to the office for their medication between classes at the middle and high schools.

14. Medication errors will be documented and the following persons will be notified immediately: school nurse, parent/guardian of student, school administrator and student’s physician.

Medication Related Forms

Medication Administration Request Form

10 Days or Fewer Medication Form

48 Hour Medication Form